Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Occurring in Hydrogen-loaded Nickel Wire (Songsheng Jiang)

The following post and embedded document have been submitted by Songsheng Jiang of the Ni-H Research Group, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China

Dear Frank Acland

Attached is a post report titled “Low energy nuclear reaction occurring in hydrogen-loaded nickel wire”. The excess heat, greater than 240 W in 80 minutes is observed, and no LiAlH4 was used. This scientific result may be helpful to study of LENR, therefore, we hope this work could be posted on ECW, although this is not a recent work and the excess heat period is short. The result has not been published elsewhere.

We now work on improving and upgrading the experiment devices. The progress moves slowly for some reason. We plan to repeat both nickel powder + LiAlH4 and nickel wire experiments.

Regarding the experiment in May, the nickel, lithium and copper isotopes in the Ni+LiAlH4 fuel before and after experiment have been carefully analyzed using ICP-MS. The copper content is 4-5 magnitude orders lower than nickel in the fuel samples before and after experiment. The significant change of isotopes only be found for 6Li and 64Ni, the both isotopes content is reduced by ~1.0 % respectively after experiment, the values is greater than the relative standard deviation (better than 0.1%). No other nickel isotope change is found exceeding of deviation (~0.1%).

Kind regards,
Songsheng Jiang

Link to PDF: https://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Excess-heat-production-in-hydrogen-loaded-nickel-wire.pdf


Excess heat production in hydrogen-loaded nickel wire