Optical Communication on a Chip: LENR Application? (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

Regarding: With thanks to Jones Beene who sent this paper and thinks it can be applied -in some way- to LENR:

Jones’s idea as follows:

“This is an advanced technology for communications using SPP, but can a similar technology be used to drive the LENR reaction?


This assumes that the Ni-H reaction, or one variety thereof, responds to an optoelectronic pulse. Combine the SPP driver with a TEG converter, and the iPhone makes its own power. Apple may realize the connection, even at an early stage.

Very exciting situation if the big chip companies should get involved, and why not – with Tesla motors situated across the bay?”

Jones’ concept is strong and true in that LENR is not bound to any element like hydrogen or topology like cracks. Engineering can meet and express the fundamental requirements of LENR design if the basic causes of LENR are understood.

The SPP behavior that has not yet been recognized by plasmonic science is the ability of SPPs to produce a positive feedback loop that compensates for the energy losses due to diffusion through the offsetting gains produced by non linear energy production. This ability to amplify the chemistry based catalytic activity of SPPs is not yet in the province of plasmonic research. When nano-particles setup the SPP to amplify their power and force SPP wave forms to loop onto themselves in a vortex, it produces a short lived “Dark Mode” configuration that acts just like a celestial black hole that draws energy into itself from its surroundings. This ability to attract, concentrate and store new energy involves at least two distinct although related mechanisms.

First, SPPs concentrate and reorient the spin of photons then project the magnetic single pole beam so formed from one of the poles of the vortex. This beam both destabilizes and then transports energy from the affected matter back along the path of the beam through the action of quantum teleportation. This mechanism can act at a considerable distance away from the vortex. Next, the SPP soliton can share, transfer and accumulate energy through quantum mechanical entanglement with clusters of matter of arbitrary size. This instantaneous gleaning of energy from many distinct sources occurs within a spherical zone around the vortex. This duality of causation in the results observed in the LENR reaction leads to understandable confusion. But this multiplicity in the results as produced by the fundamental cause of LENR are unified by a commonality of characteristics linked to a common origin of the effect..

These common and universal conditions include the thermalization of gamma radiation, the rapid to instantaneous stabilization of radioactive isotopes, lack of neutron emissions, and the wide variation of seemingly random transmutation results which includes fusion of light elements into heavier elements and fission of heavy elements into lighter ones, remote reaction at a distance from the location of the LENR reaction, and instantaneous cluster fusion involving huge numbers of sub-reactions that occur instantly and collectively.

Even though the LENR reaction oftentimes occurs concurrent with the presence of hydrogen isotopes, hydrogen in not required as a fundamental cause of the reaction as shown in the experiments done at Proton 21 where a ball of copper is blasted with a high powered arc discharge, and the carbon dust experiments performed using microwaves conducted by George Egely, the new editor of infinite magazine. In the Proton 21 experiments in nano-particles involved are copper based and in the Egely case the nano-particles are based on carbon. In the Papp reaction. The nano particles are based on chlorine and noble gases.

LENR has made itself known in our world ever since the days of young Tesla when electricity has be made powerful enough to generate nano particles from matter. Since we have brought Egely’s name up, Egely has written a wonderful series of articles explaining how SPPs have produced LENR for over a century in many diverse and now long forgotten systems going back to the times and work by Tesla. They are well worth a read and as follows:


Axil Axil