Bill McDonough Publishes and Praises Tom Darden’s LENR Speech

American designer and architect William McDonough has published a page on his website titled “Investing in Innovation for the Common Good: An appreciation and presentation of Thomas F. Darden’s speech on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” which includes the full text of the speech on LENR that Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners, gave at the ICCF19 conference. McDonough and Darden are friends and colleagues who have worked together on environmental projects over the years, and on his site, McDonough praises Darden for his leadership and vision in the LENR cause. He writes:

My longstanding friend, Tom Darden, has given much of his professional life to creating opportunities for people to collaborate in the public interest. In 1985, he founded Cherokee Environmental Group, an investment company dedicated to science-based solutions to environmental problems. Cherokee has invested in more than 100 companies engaged in developing clean energy technologies and working to restore the health of the air, water, and soil all over the world, from India to Indonesia to rural China. Tom believes that “in order to address the world’s environmental problems, solutions must be ubiquitous—they cannot exist only in Europe and the United States.”

To advance innovation and ubiquity, he is developing “ecosystems of collaboration, with great scientists working together to develop the many systems and technologies society will need to shift away from polluting fossil fuels.” His goal is to “bring non-polluting energy to those who need it most, especially in the developing world . . .

Last spring, speaking at the 19th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, a gathering presenting new findings in low energy nuclear reaction research, Tom presented his vision for a future of scientific invention in the public interest . . .

And so, in honor of working with human values to create abiding value for society, here is Tom’s speech in its entirety. As you’ll see, it resonates with the founders’ recognition that liberty and equality empower one to invent and share ideas, and in so doing, continually enrich our common wealth of knowledge and enhance the public good. It’s a pleasure to share his thoughts with you.

William McDonough has spoken publicly about LENR (see here), and Andrea Rossi says that he has met McDonough at the Industrial Heat factory in Raleigh, North Carolina (see here) So it seems that McDonough has some level of inside information about what is going on with the E-Cat, and he is obviously impressed with his friend Tom Darden’s championing of the technology.

McDonough is an influential thinker in the field of environmental design (he has co-authored Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make ThingsCradle to Cradle and other books on biomimicry in design) and is well known and well connected in business and political circles internationally. His vote of confidence in Tom Darden’s support of LENR could get some attention.