Russian Scientists Propose Full-Scale LENR Research Program

Thanks to Peter Gluck for sharing the following announcement from the Russian site Cold Nuclear Fusion and CMM made by a group of Russian scientists.

Dear colleagues!

A group of enthusiasts initiated the process of developing a full-scale research program LENRR in Russia. Those wishing to join this process may send their proposals in the format of the proposed template below to the address: [email protected]
The template 4 categories:
– the Matrix
– References
– Table of developers
– Annex 1: Summary of R & D
can expand the matrix or offer R & D within the existing order in the matrix
do not forget to fill the developers table.
Your articles with links or pdf-copies are welcome

Here’s a quote from the template:

Type: near-5 years
It covers organizations throughout the territory of the Russian Federation

Objective: To expand in Russia at the state level, full-scale basic research of a new physical phenomenon: nuclear processes in condensed media or low energy nuclear reactions (LENR)

Objectives: to coordinate research in the different organizations to repeat successful experiments with LENR, to develop experimental and theoretical base w prepare school professionals on LENR develop prototype models s future installations, start the initial training of specialists: bachelors, masters and PhD students to develop a medium-term (15 years) and dalnesrochnuyu (30 years) of the program of basic research and development construct Orsk engineering design, to organize an annual conference for the exchange of knowledge in the field LENR, LENR accelerate the introduction of technologies into commercial practice.

Here’s more evidence that there is more interest in the scientific community in Russia, than in most other parts of the world. There have been regular scientific seminars there on LENR, and some interesting papers and reports published by LENR researchers there.

The apparent leader of this movement is Alexander Prosvirnov who works at VNIIAES, the Russian nuclear power research institute.