Jean-Paul Biberian and Russ Gries Discuss Cold Fusion Experimentation (Video)

Thanks to Pelgrim for sharing the following video.

French cold fusion researcher Jean-Paul Biberian has paid a visit to open source researcher Russ Gries of RWGresearch in California to carry out some LENR experimentation. This video is a conversation between Russ and Jean-Paul where they cover the history and importance of cold-fusion, and discuss approaches to experimentation, and why this is an exciting field for (especially young) researchers to get into.

Russ is an experienced researcher in a wide range of unconventional energy production technology, and has a wide following on the internet. His Youtube channel has over 25,000 subscribers. The video shows that Russ is setting up a lab dedicated to LENR experimentation, and it will be interesting to follow his progress in the coming months and years.