Innovation Key For Clean Energy Breakthrough (Bill Gates)

Thanks to fusionrudy for sharing this link.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has written an article on his personal website about how crucial he sees the need to be for lots of clean energy to come online as soon as possible. He cites climate change and poverty as being the reasons why the need is so urgent.

The article is titled “We Need Clean-Energy Innovation, and Lots of It”. Here are a few excerpts:

In addition to mitigating climate change, affordable clean energy will help fight poverty. Although the Gates Foundation does not fund energy research (my investments are separate), we see through our work with the poorest how the high price of energy affects them by adding to the cost of transportation, electricity, fertilizer, and many other things they need.

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We need hundreds of companies working on thousands of ideas, including crazy-sounding ones that don’t get enough funding, such as high-altitude wind and solar chemical (using the energy of the sun to make hydrocarbons). No one knows which of these technologies will prove powerful enough and easy to scale, so we should be exploring all of them.

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My own personal investments include companies working on new batteries and other storage methods and advances in solar technology. The nuclear design I am investing in would be safer than previous designs and would go a long way toward solving the nuclear waste problem. I spend a lot of time with the CEOs and scientists at all these companies discussing how to build a business around an innovative idea and take a product to market

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In my view, innovation is essential to human progress. Some people would say that it is the lens I use to look at every problem, and I have to admit that there is some truth to that. But I believe it is justified by history.

We know that Bill Gates has looked at cold fusion, visiting the ENEA labs in Italy last year where he was briefed on LENR research the group was doing by Dr. Vittore Violante and others. However, since that visit there has been nothing further mentioned publicly by Gates or ENEA about any further interest in the topic.

If Bill Gates is looking at innovation to solve problems in the field of energy with the potential to provide clean energy inexpensively in amounts that will make a significant dent in the amount of carbon emissions, I would hope that he is paying close attention to the work of Andrea Rossi and those who are working on replicating the “Rossi Effect”. To me, this technology seems like an obvious area of focus for anyone looking for a clean energy breakthrough. We all know that there are not E-Cats on the market yet, but I think there is good evidence out there that the Rossi Effect is real, and it is worthy of examination by researchers and those who are hoping to fund the new energy solutions.