What E-Cat Production, Investment Levels Would be Needed to be Insurmountable (Private Citizen)

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Assuming Rossi’s strategy is to produce so many units at so low a cost that no rival can gain market share, let’s ask:

1. How many units would constitute an insurmountable initial production?

2. What is the cost per unit to produce, including capitalizing the factories?

If Rossi produces 1,000,000 units at $1,000 ea he will need $1 billion in investment capital. Where is he getting $1 billion?

If he produces only 1,000 units, that is probably not an insurmountable market penetration.

Perhaps there is a sweet spot somewhere between, but the lower his production, the lower his chance of cornering the market and the higher the per-unit cost to manufacture. Will 10,000 units corner the market? 100,000? Lo ok how much Elon Musk is putting into battery development ($5 billion): that is a commitment to market share.

There, gang, is some metaphysical and quantitative speculation re numerous speculative angels dancing on the head of a speculative pin.

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