‘No Time to be Lost’ in Bringing E-Cats to Market if Test is a Success

You will notice that there’s now a countdown clock on the bottom right of this page. That is measuring the time left until Feb 5th, which is the date the 350 day test will end, providing there is no downtime during the remainder of the test.

I have often wondered how long it might take for E-Cats to be available in the marketplace, providing this test is successful. Will industrialization start up right away, or will Leonardo and its licensees only start to gear up for commercial activity after the test has been successful? Will we be waiting for an extended period of time before we can see E-Cats being deployed in industrial settings? I asked Andrea Rossi about this today, and this was his response:

Andrea Rossi
August 15th, 2015 at 8:38 PM
Frank Acland:
Believe me: we are working very strong to prepare the manufacturing in massive quantities of the E-Cats, even if we still have brakes pulled due to the fact that we still do not know if the final results of the tests on course wil be positive or negative. How much time will be necessary, assumed F9>0 ? Not easy to say, but we will not lose time. Somebody will be very surprised about the speed of our action.
By the way: now it is 09.40 p.m. of Sat Aug 15, I am in the plant, the 1 MW E-Cat is stable, the E-Cat X is still very promising. This shortens of 1 day the distance from the OTS day ( OTS = Off The Shelf).
Warm Regards,

So for now, the brakes are on, but from this response it does sound like they are raring to go. It won’t be soon enough for some, but if the tests are successful there will be plenty of work to be done before they can make the plants, ship them, install them, and put them to work. Rossi has said previously said that investment funds have not yet been released to fund mass production, but they will need lots of money if they are going to manufacture ‘massive quantities’ of the E-Cats.