Another Potential Energy Breakthrough (Steorn’s Orbo) – Synergy or Siphon? (Greg Daigle)

The following post was submitted by Greg Daigle

This article asks the question: “If a similar ‘OU’ energy product is successfully introduced to the market before a LENR product is it likely to create synergy with, or detract from, any of Rossi’s Cats?”

E-Cat World has several times this year cited the ongoing efforts by Irish company Steorn to reintroduce their “Orbo” product. There was the release of a video in March showing a rotating armature that was said to self-sustain. In April there was the posting from Steorn’s CEO that they were demoing their “never-die battery” on the road. In May a limited field test held in Slattery’s Pub in Dublin was reported.

In review, Orbo has never been demoed in public without suffering significant valid criticism or outright failure. A scientific panel to evaluate the technology quit due to what they said was lack of sufficient data to do their analysis. Unlike LENR there are no publicly reported replications being conducted and Steorn currently posts no publicly available explanations about the physics behind the engineering. And despite Steorn’s claims that the power output is due to “asymmetric magnetism”, which Dr. Brian Ahern has suggested is an underlying mechanism for LENR, there is very little objective evidence available to the public on which to base the claims of Steorn.

In contrast to the public view of Orbo, members of the now defunct Steorn Knowledge Database (of which I was under an NDA for several years) were given extensive background information on Orbo including interactive e-learning courses on the physics behind the phenomenon, third-party engineering reports and engaged in discussions and postings in numbers in excess of these E-Cat discussion boards. Postings in the thousands by individuals was not at all uncommon. Steorn supplied a stream of documentation covering components, circuits designs, materials and captures from scopes. So to say that Steorn is likely fraudulent because of its lack of publicly providing substantive material on its technology would be like saying that Rossi is likely fraudulent for the same reasons. Rossi has his cadres of knowledgeable individuals and Steorn had its. Still, similar to LENR, Orbo is notably difficult to reproduce.

Nevertheless, Steorn is preparing another release of its technology – this time for wide distribution. Prototype case designs and packaging designs have been reported. When it is released do not expect to see another demo of the technology since Steorn has been down that road before. Steorn’s CEO has also discounted the release of peer reviewed research papers or independent testing results from professional labs. Do expect to see people making their own evaluations based upon their personal experiences with the technology.

Case Design (Source: Facebook)

Once in the hands of early adopters Orbo’s capabilities will either be firmly established and spread via word-of-mouth and viral marketing – or it will be dashed, probably for good. Release of the first generation device may occur before the results of Rossi’s factory results become available. Steorn’s CEO Shaun McCarthy has previously suggested that introduction of either the Orbo or his HephaHeat technology may occur this year.

If the first release of Orbo leaves adopters completely dissatisfied, end of story. However, if it is successful the Orbo could positively influence a more rapid and widespread adoption of the E-Cat. From the public’s point of view, if one “impossible” energy technology is in the hands of users and they confirm that it works to meet their needs, why not another impossible energy technology?

As we have seen from the Slattery’s trial, the Orbo is designed to charge mobile devices and targets consumer usage. The industrial version of the E-Cat has no known overlap with Orbo’s mobile market. However, as Rossi has opened the door recently to Hot Cats as domestic heaters in appliances – and Steorn’s HephaHeat inline heaters are an extension of Orbo technology – it seems likely a market overlap will exist between the two corporate entities. Currently E-Cat can generate much more energy than Orbo in the form of heat yet requires an initial independent source of energy to give it a “kickstart”. Orbo generates electrical power directly and requires no kickstart, though the output energy is much smaller.

My questions are these…

1. If the Orbo is introduced before the E-Cat factory report is released, and if Orbo is generally accepted as a successful product, will Orbo generate synergies which will favorably influence adoption of the E/Hot-Cats – or will it siphon away attention from Rossi’s technology and that of LENR?

2. Could such a diversion slow market adoption of the Cats?

3. What are the “pivot points” on which it could go either way?

Greg Daigle

UPDATE: This photo of packaging has just been posted on Facebook by Shaun McCarthy:

orbo packaging
Orbo Packaging? (Source: Facebook)