MFMP to Run New Glowstick Test (Update, Aug 26th: Fueled Run Now Live Streaming)

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is preparing to start a new test of their latest reactor — the GlowStick GS4 — which is scheduled to begin on August 24th.

A description of the reactor is on their Facebook Page:

“The cell will use a Coorstek mullite tube in differential configuration like GS3: two zone heater coil, one side filled with an alumina rod and the other with fuel.”

“The instrumentation and power control will be like GS3: sine wave AC with variac and PID controller, temperature sensed from K-Type thermocouple. As Alan does not have a suitable power analyser, this is the method available that will yield meaningful power measurements.”

Here’s a diagram of the reactor:


Data will be made available live via the HUGNetLab when the test begins. This post will be updated when the test begins.

UPDATE: (Aug 26, 2015)

A live, fueled run has just begun. The video stream is below, and data can be followed also at Bob Greenyer has said that this setup has the “best calibration ever between “active” and null side”.