LENR-Invest, LLC Adds NichEnergy to Portfolio of Firms Driving the Commercialization of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Technology (Press Release)

LENR-Invest, LLC announced today that it has invested in Milan, Italy based NichEnergy Srl, an alternative energy technology innovator whose proprietary process for producing energy from a nickel-hydrogen reaction is protected by two European Union-issued patents.

LENR-Invest is an investment fund solely focused on helping early stage companies commercialize “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” (LENR) technologies. LENR is the term applied to the phenomenon of sustained, anomalous heat created when certain metals are combined with hydrogen (called metal hydrides). The produced energy –heat– in excess of what chemical properties dictate suggests the source is a nuclear force that binds particles together. Liberating this binding energy without the harmful emissions or residue of traditional nuclear reactions creates the potential for a safe, secure, sustained and very low cost energy source.

“We are excited to add NichEnergy and the esteemed Professor Francesco Piantelli to our expanding ecosystem of LENR companies and experts. We formed LENR-Invest to not just provide needed capital for early stage LENR firms, but also to provide the new ideas and technologies. NichEnergy’s pioneering work with hydrogen and nickel can catalyze the efforts of our portfolio and shorten the timeframe for LENR technology to cross the threshold of promise to commercially viable energy generation” said Dr. Antoine Guillemin, LENR-Invest’s senior partner and co-founder. Dr. Guillemin holds a Master in nuclear physics and PhD in physics.

“NichEnergy is pleased to partner with LENR-Invest, we believe their sole focus on LENR has been very helpful in the collaboration. We plan to leverage the investment to further develop our technology and intellectual property,” said Valerio Ciampoli, Head of International Relationships at Nichenergy.

LENR-Invest’s investment portfolio also includes, among others:

  • Brillouin Energy Corporation: A Berkeley, California pioneer in the field of LENR, their proprietary Q-Pulse technology and Controlled Electron Capture techniques can be the source of large amounts of excess heat energy at very low cost.
  • LENR Cars SA: This Swiss-based company is developing mobile electric generators based on the LENR technology to power electric vehicles or provide heat and electric power to regular vehicles.
  • LENUCO LLC: This Champaign, Illinois-based company develops and commercializes LENR technologies, especially those focused on cells using NI alloy nanoparticles. LENUCO holds several highly valuable patents related to LENR core technology.

About LENR-Invest
LENR-Invest is the only invest fund solely-focused on early stage LENR firms. In 2014 and 2015, several governments, large private equity firms and other organizations have substantially increased investments into the potential of LENR to provide cheap and safe energy generation. For more information on LENR technology, please visit http://www.lenr-invest.com or contact us at press(at)lenr-invest(dot)com.