Lithium and the Hot Cat (Gerard McEk)

The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk

Just a thought.

Consider the Lugano hot cat test. Suppose that Andrea Rossi had prepared the ’empty’ Aluminium oxide reactor tube. In advance he has put in pure lithium and heated it while it was close, which would than have spread the lithium around the inner surface of the tube. The lithium would have diffused between the molecules of the alumina tube.

I think it is possible that this can make the alumina tube more electrically conductive at higher temperatures and thus causing the strange resistance characteristics of the ‘coil’. At the same time this causes currents running though the lithium doped reactor tube and through the lithium.

When later the ‘fuel’ was added, only that was measured and analyzed in advance and after, but the bulk of the lithium was still in the tube and responsible for the LENR reaction.

The issue I want you to consider is the the current through the lithium doped surface may initiate LENR and not so much the electromagnetic field.

At the same time you could question the need for Nickel in the Hot cat. Maybe this is the direction AR is now heading to. Clearly, you need the NiAlH4 for getting the LENR reaction and the current through the lithium doped tube (probably AC).

I would welcome your responses.

Gerard McEk