Analysis of Fuel Samples from MFMP Reactor Runs Show ‘Statistically Significant’ Isotope Changes

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has announced on its website and Facebook Page report results of isotopic analysis carried out by Marissa Little of EarthTech International, a private research organization in Austin Texas, which carries out independent laboratory testing.

Marissa Little of EarthTech has published a report of the testing they have done on samples that were taken from reactors used in tests carried out by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. Here’s a link to the Earth Tech report:

The key data can be found in this table:


The findings are very interesting. Here is the conclusion from the report:

The change in Ni60/62 ratio from natural abundance in sample #21 and #59 is statistically significant. We cannot currently conceive of an isotope fractionation process that would have caused such a change in the experiment as we understand it. The sign of the change in the isotope ratio matches what was reported in the Lugano Report of the Rossi device – i.e., a relative increase in the amount of Ni62. However, the change in the MFMP samples was significantly less than in the Lugano Report. Barring deliberate fraud, these appear to be intriguing results and warrant further investigation.

A statistically significant isotopic shift is a very interesting result, especially as it seems to be along the same lines as the Lugano report, and gives evidence that there is some unusual activity taking place in the fuels that are being heated up inside these dogbone reactors.