New Patent Application for Plasma Electrolyisis using LENR (Parkhomov one Inventor)

There’s a new patent application that has been filed by a Russian team with the World Intellectual Property Organization for a “Method and Device for Producing Thermal Energy by Plasma Electrolysis”. The applicant is listed as Yuriy Nikolaevich Bazhutov, and the inventors are Bazuhutov, Albina Gerasimova, Valeriy Koretciky, and Alexander Parkhomov. The last name will be of interest to many readers of E-Cat World. The patent was actually filed in January 2014, before Parkhomov began working on trying to replicate the E-Cat of the Lugano report

Here’s part of the abstract, which is in English on the application.

When applying a voltage of over 300 volts and current greater than 1.0 amperes to an anode, a plasma discharge is produced, allowing for low-temperature cold nuclear transmutation nuclear reactions in a near-anode area of the electrolyte, leading to intensive energy release and to the evaporation of electrolyte water, wherein an electrolyte pillar is maintained at a constant level and the function of a cathode is carried out by the inner portion of the electrolytic cell.

A full patent description can be found here (in Russian):

Here’s one interesting table that provides some experimental results from this system which show measurement of excess heat. A translation of the column headings (kindly provided by a Russian speaking reader) is this:

1. serial number 2. Composition of electrolite 3. time of discharge (min) 4. water added ( l ) 5. evaporation rate (ml/s) 6. Enthalpy of vaporization (ml/kJ) 7. Input power W (kW) 8. excess heat deltaW (%)

Russianparkhomov patent