The Seven Steps to E-Cat Energy (Hank Mills)

The following post was submitted by Hank Mills

Constructing an E-Cat replication is not exactly simple: there are countless issues to consider. However, the very basic steps are now obvious to those who have kept up with the saga, read the patents, and studied the replications that have taken place so far.

1 – Get a reactor tube composed of stainless non-magnetic steel or alumina.

2 – Collect the fuel ingredients: elemental lithium powder, carbonyl nickel, and lithium aluminum hydride.

3 – Bake the nickel for a period of time at 200C or above to remove water and increase porosity, grind the LiAlH4 to a smaller particle size, and mix the ingredients together. Remember to abide by ALL NECESSARY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. Use a glove box with an atmosphere that does not react with lithium, wear safety equipment, make sure you are in a laboratory environment, etc.)

4 – Place fuel in tube and seal ends with compression fittings, ceramic putty, plugs, etc.

5 – Wrap with resistance wire and make sure that there will not be a short.

6 – Apply stimulation in the form of heat.

7 – Apply stimulation in the form of a varying electric field: pulsed DC, chopped AC, squarewaves.

With enough testing, you should detect excess heat.

Hank Mills