Rossi: We can Throttle the E-Cat Plant

Thanks to Allan Kiik for posting this comment:

“Have you noticed this gem:

Hard to ignite and harder to control LENR+ just got a way more useful source, Rossi says he has invented The Throttle for ECatX!”

Here’s the Q&A he is referring to on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Q: I am curious, how reactive to a load change are the Ecats: e.g. if the load in the factory fell can the Ecat ramp down the heat quickly and vice versa?

Andrea Rossi
September 4th, 2015 at 5:06 PM
Manuel Cilia:
Yes, we found how to do it.
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It has seemed to be the case that quickly adjusting the temperature of the E-Cat has not been possible, but Rossi is saying here that that is no longer the case. I would just add to Allan’s comment above, that in this case Rossi is referring to the E-Cat plant which is not the E-Cat X, but it’s very possible they can apply the same principle to the E-Cat X.