New Nickel-Hydrogen Excess Heat Claim With Celani-type Cell (Video)

Here’s a new name and a new experiment for us to consider. This comes from Russia from an experimenter named Andrei Hrischanovich who published the following information today, September 6, 2015, on the Russian Cold Nuclear Fusion and Transmutation website here. Following is a Google translation (edited).

Andrei Hrischanovich repeated the experiment with a Celani cell.

We conducted a series of experiments, of a modified Rossi reactor. The experiments are more like a Francesco Celani cell. Reached consistently reproduced by using hydrogen, the result of excessive heat generation at the level of 200-250%. Rechecked. Doubt no more! LENR reactions occur! It is seen that with an increase in temperature and pressure in the reaction zone, the efficiency increases. Perhaps in Dagomys on September 28 to make a report. Now I decide the financial and organizational issues for attending conferences. Sincerely, Andrew Hrischanovich.

Below is a video of the experiment with English subtitles. The video information states (Google translated):

Published on Sep 6, 2015
We have changed the basic experiment A. Rossi. We do not nickel powder is heated and passed an electric current on the nickel wire. It is known that the thermal conductivity of hydrogen is 7 times greater than the thermal conductivity of air. Considering this factor, we performed control experiments on the heating of water. It is shown that, other things being equal, there is an atmosphere of hydrogen stable excess heat capacity at the level of efficiency of 200-250%. Also possible pressure relationships which affect efficiency, such as chemical activation of the surface coil, the surface area (diameter of the wire), the material spirals tungsten, titanium, nickel, molybdenum and others.

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