Robert Duncan Visits ENEA

There’s a brief article and photograph on the website of ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies and Energy, about the visit of Robert Duncan, Senior Vice President for Research, Professor of Physics at Texas Tech University to ENEA’s Casaccia and Frascati Research Centers.

Link to article (in Italian) is:

There is very little information provided in the article, only that Dr. Duncan is described as a “world-renowned expert in low energy nuclear reactions”.

In the picture below we can see Dr. Duncan, his wife Annette Sobel, Researcher of LENRVittore Violante of ENEA, ENEA Commissioner Frederico Testa, and Director of ENEA Fusion Technologies and Nuclear Safety (FSN) Aldo Pizzuto.


My guess is that Robert Duncan was there to discuss LENR, but that’s about all I can surmise. We really don’t get much information from the academic institutions that are studying LENR — which may be because they are deliberately keeping a low profile, or perhaps there simply is not too much to report at the moment.