Independent Referee Collects ‘Only Data Deemed Valid’ From 1MW E-Cat

Andrea Rossi has been making some comments about the data collection process that is taking place at the site where the 1 MW plant is in operation. Yesterday he explained that there were 1.5 million pieces of data per month being recorded from the performance of the plant.

He later clarified that this data was being collected by three parties:

  1. His own team
  2. The independent referee
  3. The customer who is using the energy produced from the plant


In response to a question about how frequently the data from the referee and his own team was being compared, Rossi made the following statement. Note that in this case ‘ERV’ means ”Expert Responsible for Validation”

Andrea Rossi
September 10th, 2015 at 2:34 PM
Italo R.:
The ERV data have not to be compared to any other data and will be the only one deemed valid, independently from any other data recorded by anybody.
The ERV delivers periodically reports about the data collected in the due period. Obviously we compare our data with the data communicated by the ERV.
I can say that, so far, the data recorded from us are substantially consistent with the data of the ERV and that the differences are within the error margin of the instrumentation. The Customer makes independently his measurements, because he is not interested to the ERV, he just wants to measure how much thermal energy we deliver ( he just reads his gauges) and at the end of each month he sends us a report with the indication of how many kWh have been delivered. Also in this case, the data so far are reasonably consistent, with small differences that can be attributable to the error margin of the instrumentation.
Warm Regards,

The interesting thing to me here is that the independent referee is considered by Rossi as the only person who is collecting valid data. What I think this means is that when the performance of the plant is released, it will come from the independent referee, and not from Leonardo/Industrial Heat.

This will most likely make the data more believable to outside observers and anyone interested in doing business with Leonardo/IH — especially if this referee is a respected and qualified party with a good track record in taking the kinds of measurements needed (as I understand it to be). So a great deal is going to rest on what this independent observer/recorder reports.

Of course, having a customer who reports significant energy savings would be important also, but I suppose people might assume that the customer and Rossi’s team could be conspiring to commit some grand deception — so it will be the word of the referee which will be of most weight when the results of the test are finally released.