More Isotopic Analysis of MFMP Glowstick Fuel/Ash Published by Univ. of Missouri Lab

A new set of isotopic analysis results has been released on ash from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Glowstick 2 test, and fuel/ash from the MFMP’s Glowstick 3 test. Below is a link to the spreadsheet published by the Analytical Chemistry Group (ACG) at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®)

Some interpretation and notes by the testers can be found at the MFMP’s Quantum Heat website here. This is an excerpt:

“The basic message of the results is that, to the ability of our quadrupole ICP-MS to measure, the Li isotope ratios are effectively the same in all four samples that contain major amounts of Li. We do not have a “natural” Li standard with certified isotope ratios, and since Li is a light element, the ratios can vary a bit in nature. Thus I had to assume a natural 7Li/6Li ratio in the standard and compare its isotope ratios with those from the samples, keeping the Li in the standard and sample solutions at an approximately constant concentration. Effectively, it appears that (7Li/6Li) in all samples is a bit higher than the standard.”

“Also, the Ni in all samples appears to be isotopically natural. All ratios measured are within one standard deviation of natural Ni, except for one (61Ni/58Ni) measurement in Vial 46, run 2, which was within two standard deviations of the natural ratio.”

“Please keep in mind that the elemental concentrations were measured without internal standard and may only be considered approximate.”