Norway’s Aftenposten Newspaper Covers Brillouin, LENR

Thanks to AlainCo on the LENR Forum for pointing out this new article in Norway’s daily newspaper Aftenposten by Kristian Bjørkeng titled: “1 glass of water = energy to Hamar for a whole year?”

The article focuses on the work of Brillouin Energy, one company developing LENR technology, whose officers have recently visited Norway. There is now a company in Norway called Black Swan Innovations which is trying to generate investment funds for Brillouin. Robert Godes and David Firshein of Brillioun are quoted and they say that they are still lacking the funds to commercialize their technology, and any marketable product is at least a year away. Godes states they need up to $20 million at this point for materials research.

According to the article, Brillouin is working on developing a water heater that will operate much more cheaply than conventional heaters. The heater will cost two to three times more than regular heaters, but will pay off over time through lower energy costs.

The newspaper article also covers the physics of LENR and interviews professor Dieter Röhrich at the University of Bergen who thinks that while Godes and other LENR researchers are well-intentioned, they are overlooking some realities of physics that make their claims impossible, and are engaged in wishful thinking. Regarding Godes’ theory, Röhrich states:

The concepts he says exists in physics, but he takes them out of context and combines them in an odd, speculative and incorrect manner. In physics, we have no indications that the free protons are unstable, as he describes it. If he was right in that protons so easily be converted into helium, the world would be full of helium,

Godes responds by saying:

Stable operation with four times more energy yield than what we submit, confirmed by independent reports, is not a measurement error. It is sad that such people say that science should be driven by data and results, but at the same time refuse to look at the actual results

This is the second major article Aftenposten has published covering LENR — the first was in June of this year where they reported on Rossi’s E-Cat, and I’m glad to see this new article. I think that Aftenposten is doing an important service to Norway and the wider world by covering this topic that I think deserves more attention than it is receiving.