E-Cat Commercial Rollout: Leonardo in Europe, Industrial Heat in the USA? [Update: Rossi Estimates $3 Billion in Pre-Orders]

We don’t have much detail about the commercial rollout of E-Cat technology, but it appears that plans are well underway for getting the technology into the marketplace, providing, of course, that the year-long test run of the 1 MW plant goes well.

Tonight Andrea Rossi was asked if there might be a small Italian flag in the container where he was now working. Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
September 16th, 2015 at 11:49 AM
Italo R.:
Leonardo Corp is preparing a very strong and important action in Europe, concerning the manufacturing and the sales of the E-Cat. F9.
Warm Regards,

I asked a follow-up question about whether it was fair to say that Leonardo will roll out the technology first in Europe, and Industrial Heat will do the same in the USA (licensing from Leonardo Corp.) Ross responded simply:

Frank Acland:
I think it is fair.
Warm Regards,

I’m not sure whether to take that as a confirmation, but it would seem that Industrial Heat are not are going to be directly involved in the European marketing of the E-Cat. Roger Green of E-Cat Australia has said that Industrial Heat holds commercial license for the USA and China, but not Europe.

But this does bring up a question that I have thought about quite a bit which is: who exactly is involved in Leonardo Corporation? Andrea Rossi is apparently CEO, but I believe there are others who make up the Leonardo team.
Going back to February 2012, Andrea Rossi announced that Leonardo Corporation had “become the property of a trust of investors.” This was before we had heard of Tom Darden, Cherokee, or Industrial Heat who announced their acquisition of E-Cat intellectual property in January 2014. It’s possible that Darden was involved in this investors’ trust, but we have no confirmation of that. Rossi has not mentioned this investors trust for a long time, but I think it’s likely that it still could exist.

Regardless, it does sound like there are plans for E-Cat commercialization afoot, and I think whoever is involved, a new era in this story will begin once this technology is openly operating in the marketplace.


Andrea Rossi has just responded on the JONP to a question about the total amount in dollars of pre-orders he has receives. His response:

Andrea Rossi
September 17th, 2015 at 7:55 AM
Hugh Lee:
About three billions, based on the supposed price of the domestic and the industrial E-Cats, but we did not accept and we will not accept a single cent from the potential Customers who made the pre-orders until the product will be ready for deliveries, which means until the tests on course will have been completed positively (F9), our manufacturing lines will be operative and, for the domestic E-Cats, the safety certification will have been achieved. As you see, an enormous work remains to be done, but we are already working on it.
Warm Regards,

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