Anthropocene Institute Video Promotes LENR as Climate Solution (GreenWin)

The following post by GreenWin was posted on the Always Open thread in reference to the attached video published by the Anthropocene Institute.

It is interesting that the Anthropocene Institute is the first of the climate gang to publicly acknowledge LENR. And openly critique the failure of ITER. ITER is the subject of a scathing review by hot fusion founder (and former Director U.S. Atomic Energy Commission) Dr. Robert L. Hirsch – linked in my post below.

In year 2000 Carl Page (Larry Page’s older brother) sold eGroups to Yahoo for $432M. He is reported to have attended ICCF 19 in Padua Italy. Anthropocene, based in Menlo Park, CA confirms Silicon Valley is waking up to the LENR revolution.

Website for the Anthropocene Institute: