Rossi: If Test Successful, E-Cat Commercialization to Start March 2016

Until now I don’t believe that Andrea Rossi has mentioned a specific starting date for when commercialization of E-Cat technology will begin, except to say that they will not be losing time to get started if the current test of the 1 MW plant is successful. Today, in response to a question from a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about when plants might be available for order, Rossi said this:

Andrea Rossi

Ivan Idso:
If the results of the tests on course in the factory of the Customer, in Marh [sic] we will start the commercial program. To answer to you we’ll need a far more precise and detailed request. Please send detailed data to
[email protected]
Warm Regards,

In the grand scheme of things March 2016 is not far away. In comparison, for example, I was reading today that Apple is looking to launch an electric car in 2019. So everything is riding on the current test in progress. Rossi has said that they have lined up outsourcing for manufacturing of their plants, and that they have orders for around $3 billion of E-Cat technology (however, that number does include the domestic E-Cats which will not be ready in March, it’s the industrial plants that will be first to market). He has said they have currently got the brakes on, pending the results of the plant test, but it sounds like those brakes will be lifted asap.

Things are shaping up to become a lot more interesting in the E-Cat World.