Excerpt from Vessela Nikolova Interview with Andrea Rossi (Video)

Thanks to Pelgrim for sharing this link to an excerpt of an interview that Vessela Nikolova of the E-Cat The New Fire website conducted with Andrea Rossi. I am not quite sure when the interview took place, but according Vessela in video below, it is an excerpt from a longer interview that will be shown at a meeting about alternative energy and LENR that will be held on October 3rd in Terni, Italy.

The interview is in Italian, but English subtitles are provided. The main subject covered in this excerpt deals with the contribution of new technology in the reduction of greenhouse gases to combat global warming. Andrea Rossi expresses his ideas on the subject, and states that he believes that the E-Cat could make a contribution in that effort.

Rossi is talking on a phone via Skype, so the audio quality of his voice is pretty bad