Analysis of Tom Darden’s Position on Rossi, LENR and the E-Cat (deleo77)

The following comment was originally posted in this thread by deleo77

There is an interesting thought analysis that you can put behind this latest Darden interview. Someone who is a skeptic may say that in this interview Darden is cautious, guarded, he seems to be hedging. Darden still refuses to say that LENR is definitively real and that Rossi has shown it to be so.

But lets go to the other extreme. After all, Darden has had much closer contact with the e-cat than any of us. He has spent months with it. He has seen it in operation, he has authorized millions of dollars to be spent on R&D on it, he has set up a company around it, and he has brought in outside investors to help finance it. Darden is a reputable guy, well educated, and he has a $2 billion fund that he runs. Fraud and deception would hurt him greatly. Even if he were able to prove that he was deceived and was the victim of someone else’s wrong-doing, he would still be held accountable. He has a lot to lose.

So knowing what he knows now, Darden appears to be comfortable with talking about the e-cat to Fortune Magazine with a big photo of himself in the article. So just ask the questions below:

1. If the e-cat produced no excess heat and seemed like a dud, would Darden hold off from talking to Fortune for now until he could get a better sense of it? Probably

2. If Darden felt that Rossi was fudging the numbers and being deceitful, and that the Swedish test was poorly handled, would he say “a group of Swedish scientists tested the technology, and they got good results”? Probably not.

3. If Darden thought that the e-cat simply didn’t work after all of these months of testing at the customer factory and that he had never seen working LENR in action, would he say “Recently, we have been joined by Woodford Investment Management in the U.K., which has made a much larger investment into our international LENR activities—so we are well funded”? Probably not.

4. If the test going on now with the e-cat after all of these months was looking bad or even highly questionable would Darden have answered the question in this interview in the following way:

Q: So you’re optimistic?

A: Yes

How can anyone claim to know more than Darden when it comes to the state of the e-cat? And I mean anyone on either side of this, skeptic or believer? Darden is a Yale Law Grad who runs a multi-billion investment firm and knows due diligence like the back of his hand. He has put millions into clean tech investments, and has top flight scientific advisors. He has a fiduciary duty to his investors. Darden has spent a lot of time with the e-cat and Rossi up-close. He has seen it in operation. The skeptics line is the Swedes were fooled, and so was Darden. But time always sets the truth straight.

And one final line in the interview from the very cautious Tom Darden that only emphasizes everything above:

“We need to be calm, prudent and not exaggerate”.