“Energy Revolution Close”: Swedish Business Magazine Dagens Industri on Leif Holmlid’s Muon Fusion

Thanks to Robert H for sending this link from Swedish business magazine Dagens Industri, which is a widely read business publication in Sweden, regarding the fusion process developed by Leif Holmlid, professor emeritus from the University of Gothenburg. The article mainly cites this article from Ny Teknik that was published last week.

The title of the article is “Energy Revolution Close Following Swedish Research Success” (http://www.di.se/artiklar/2015/9/28/energirevolution-nara-efter-svensk-forskarframgang/)

Google translation of key excerpts:

“In Gothenburg researchers have discovered a new type of nuclear fusion process.
Scientists now hope the new technology will provide clean energy at low cost within a few years, says Ny Teknik.”

“The researchers fired a laser at ultra-dense heavy hydrogen, deuterium, which led to the quantities of particles at high energy being formed, that is a nuclear fusion occurred. Instead of neutrons formed, which the researchers had expected, was formed muons. Muons are much less dangerous than neutrons that can cause severe radiation injuries, said Ny Teknik”

Leif Holmlid says that breakeven has already been demonstrated (more power being produced than is input), and hopes to have a prototype working in three years.

It’s interesting to see an alternative to the E-Cat hitting the headlines in Sweden, where there has been more press coverage of LENR than in other countries. Three years to a prototype is much closer than ITER is projection (decades away), and even the Lockheed Martin fusion estimate (ten years away). It’s good to see more competition in the field — hopefully this will help speed up the development of new energy sources.