Piantelli European Patent Revoked after Challenge by Leonardo Corporation

Thanks to AlainCo for posting here and on the LENR-Forum about a document from the European Patent Office that shows that the patent EP2368252 for ” “Method and Apparatus for Generating Energy by Nuclear Reactions of Hydrogen Adsobred by Orbital Capture on a Nanocrystalline Structure of a Metal” invented by Francisco Piantelli has been revoked because of a challenge.

There is lots of documentation involved in this challenge which was made by the Bilicki Law Firm, P.C. of Jamestown, New York, and I haven’t looked through much of it yet, but they have challenged the patent on a number of points. See here for a list of all the documentation involved: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP09806118&lng=en&tab=doclist

Here’s the page that shows the revocation. The box is checked next to the reason that reads “The European patent is revoked because at least one ground for opposition prejudices the maintenance of the European Patent (Art. 101(2) EPC)”


I have to confess I am really not familiar with patent law, and it will take someone more familiar with patent legalities to determine all that has happened here, and what it all means — but it does seem that this challenge has been successful, at least for now.

UPDATE: Thanks to Chris for pointing out this document which contains the challenge which comes from Leonardo Corporation: https://www.e-catworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Patentchallenge.pdf (I put all the pages into one document for easier reading)