Alkali Metal Dispenser (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil

I have been looking into alkali metal dispenser technology.

In some embodiments, an alkali metal dispenser composition of the present invention comprises:

a. an alkali metal source that comprises rubidium;
b. a getter for alkali metals that comprises gold;
c. a reducing agent that comprises carbon; and
d. an alloy, wherein the alloy comprises rubidium atoms from the alkali metal source (a) and gold atoms from the getter (b).

There are many chemical variations of this formulation current in the alkali metal dispenser business.

From the Lugano test report at the very end, the fuel mix that Rossi used includes a number of elements in his fuel mix that are a puzzle. It is a puzzle that begs to be solved. Those elements might have been part of his lithium dispenser method. Rydberg matter may require that the alkali metal be ionized and reconverted as in vapor disposition. This may be why Rossi added those seemingly unrelated elements to his fuel mix. They may first combine with lithium at low temperatures, then re-emit the alkali metal in ionized form at higher temperatures from which Rydberg matter condenses.

It might be advantageous for the replicators of the Rossi reactor to look into how these alkali metal dispensers work. One concrete example of one is the iron oxide potassium catalyst that Holmlid uses in his experiments.

Also, the dirty and impure materials used by Parkhomov may be the key to why his reactors work and our clean replications do not.

Axil Axil