Leif Holmlid Comments on His Fusion Process

Many thanks to E-Cat World reader Robert H for this translation of a comment made by Leif Holmlid on the Swedish Energykatalysatorn forum here. Below are some excerpts translated from the original Swedish.

No, I research not about cold fusion, I research on laser-induced hot fusion. It enables us to reach a temperature of between 50 and MK 500 MK in the plasma. This one can measure both the neutron energy distributions (published) and from electron energy distributions (to be adopted soon). It is the temperature that needs to be reached to
get the core processes that move with sufficient speed. It might seem strange that this is higher than the established temperature in the solar interior, but it depends on the core processes inside the sun goes very slowly.

My intentions are not crucial for whether our research is correct or not. It is only important what the results are. We have shown in numerous publications that many particles MeV energy emitted from the laser-initiated plasma. This can only be explained simply by the nuclear physics processes such as fusion. More complicated explanations as black holes or the like, we can probably ignore …


The press release we made from the University of Gothenburg and Ny Teknik written about today are based on three scientific articles published. I guess they are difficult to read for those not accustomed to scientific texts. One of them is published in AIP Advances as free readable text, which means that anyone can read and assess. In that article I show the energy output from the laser-induced process is over break-even, i.e. more energy is generated than that supplied with the laser pulse. This is the first measurement of the break-even in this system, and probably ever. Measurements at NIF in the United States, the world’s largest laser facility has not reached that far. A major concern is that many will try to repeat our experiments have so little knowledge in many areas that are important to be able to do independent experiments.


I challenge course that I make things up or that I’m totally nuts. The kind of words do not belong in a
scientific context and falls back on the person who wrote them. Are there no sanctions against such people?

Leif Holmlid

The full comment in Swedish can be accessed here: http://www.energikatalysatorn.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=592&start=90#p33185