Rossi Setting Up A ‘Make Materials That Don’t Exist’ Lab (Update: New Lab ‘in Miami’)

Here’s a comment from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that gives a little indication of what working life is like inside the shipping container.

Andrea Rossi
September 30th, 2015 at 9:40 PM
Dr Joseph Fine:
Very interesting comments, thank you.
I am very tired to hear answers like ” we do not have it” when I ask something that I need. This is why I am setting up a ” make existing what doesn’t exist” laboratory. If something does not exist in a system you have to go out of the system.
Warm Regards,

I would guess that the kinds of materials that are most needed are those that can withstand very high temperatures over extended periods of time. Rossi has said that the breakdowns of the E-Cat X have so far been caused by something burning out or materials fusing together.

In connection with the rebuild of the E-Cat X, Rossi also commented today that they had “resolved the problem of the new material, made the new material, now we can make the new E-Cat X.”

UPDATE: I asked Rossi whether the new lab was inside the shipping container where he’s working. He responded: “No, I made a lab in Miami to make new materials. During the last 2 weeks I worked 18 hours per day instead of 16… But now the new material I needed is made, the situation returns to 16/day. Next week we’ll have the E-Cta X in operatin again. Fingers crossed.”