Parkhomov Isotopic Analysis Report

Thanks to David Nygren of the LENR-Forum for posting a link to an English translation (by Bob Higgins) of a presentation titled “Results of Analyses of the Isotopic and Elemental Composition of NickelHydrogen Fuel Reactors” by K. A. Alabin, S. N. Andreev, and Alexander Parkhomov given at the LENR conference in Sochi, Russia this month.

The report provides results of isotopic analysis performed on fuel and ash used in an E-Cat replica tested by Alexander Parkhomov in March 2015.

Here’s the link to the paper:

The slide with the key data from Parkhomov’s testing is this one (on page 13):


The authors compare the results from Parkhomov’s isotopic analysis with Rossi’s Lugano analysis, and also analysis done by Songsheng Jiang and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. In the conclusion of the presentation, the authors state:

“The AP2 reactor was operated for 40x shorter duration compared to the Rossi reactor test (Lugano). This is probably connected with the small change of the isotopic composition. In the AP2 reactor, only a small increase in the ratio 6Li / 7Li was detected. A significant increase in the content of Cr, K, Si, Na, Mg, Ca was measured. Content of Mn, Cl, Zn, Cu, Al was measured to decrease.”