Steorn’s Orbo has New Page — and a Product Name: The O-Cube

Since Steorn announced they were going to put on a series of webinars to demonstrate their Orbo technology, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on things as we lead up the the first webinar that will be held on October 28th.

They haven’t said too much about what to expect, except that according to the announcement on the website, they will be demoing a product and answering questions, but there is some behind-the-scenes stuff going on which appears to be in preparation for a product launch of some kind.

The Steorn website ( now redirects to this Facebook page, which is simply titled “Orbo” — no mention of Steorn at all.

On the About page, the page is described as an “Orbo User Page” with the description as “A place to hear about Orbo from the guys who made it and for Orbo users to share their experiences”

And the product described as the “O-Cube” — that would likely be referring to the device shown on this profile picture, which Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy has sometimes referred to as a “never-die battery”