Test in Progress Using Fuel Recipe of E-Cat Patent (Brian Albiston)

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Test in progress:


I will be holding at 500C for several hours wating for the water to boil. That is the annoying thing about heat of vaporization calorimetry, you don’t get any measurements until the water boils.
Here are the details:

0.5g INCO 255 Nickel, baked
0.3g LiAlH4
0.2g Passivated Li Powder, APS 80-100 nm, 99.9% Purity

I thorougly ground the Ni and LiAlH4 together using a mortar and pestle. I then added the Li powder and lightly ground and mixed using the mortar and pestle. All of the powders were mixed in my Redneck glove box which was continuously purged with Argon.

Powders were then loaded into a 5/16″ OD, 316 stainless thermocouple protection tube. The open end of the tube was plugged with alumina wool. The tube was then dropped into 18″ long alumina outer tube. The alumina tube was evacuated before the start of the test.

Let’s cross our fingers. We may have the right ingredients now, but there still are a lot of unknowns, i.e. nickel type, pressure profile, em stimulation, etc.