Live Experiment by me356 Using Rossi Patent Recipe

Thanks to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project for posting about another live experiment that is being conducted by me356 using the fuel recipe from Andrea Rossi’s recently approved patent.

Live data from the experiment can be followed here:

The MFMP Facebook page gives the following description of the experimental setup:

It is a stainless steel tube, lined with pure Iron foil (from E-Bay, China) and a mixture of baked Alfa Aesar 99.8% Ni – Spherical APS 5-15 um (25g, Euro60), Lithium 3mm wire (that came stored under paraffin) and Alfa Aesar LiAlH4 97%.

me356 has hacked the Optris PI160 (hot spot), GMC-300 Geiger Counter and PCE-830 power monitor so all the feeds are available on

There is approximately 11cc of free volume and after raising the temperature to around 172ºC and holding it there, the pressure first rose to 2 bar and has dropped, presumably as the oxygen and oxides are removed from the cell. Next step will be to take it through melting point of Lithium.