Rossi: ‘Consolidated’ 1 MW E-Cat Plant to Have Volume of 4 Cubic Meters

It seems quite likely that future owners of an industrial E-Cat plant may not need to have a shipping container installed at their site. Andrea Rossi has responded to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the possibility of increasing the power density of the 1 MW plant in the future, and in response has provided information about how he sees the volume of future plants:

Andrea Rossi
October 17th, 2015 at 9:12 PM
Manuel Cilia:
The space in the container of this first industrial plant ha been made much larger than necessary because in fact inside this container there are 2 plants of 1 MW each, one for reserve; besides, here are spaces for to allow to work in it to make operations that are not necessary when the technology will have been consolidated; the real volume occupied bya 1 MW generator is m 2 of height, m 2 of length and m 1 of width, as you can see for a total of 4 cubic meters.
Warm Regards,

The current plant inside the shipping container has been a work in progress over the course of the current plant, as it seems that Rossi and his team have built a second set of larger reactors during their stay at the customer’s site. Having a 40 foot shipping container probably has been necessary to allow the team to do their work, and house all the reactors they have made.

A 40 foot shipping container has a volume of 67.7 cubic meters, which is more than ten times the volume of the 4 cubic meters Rossi is proposing here.