Rossi ‘Will Never Sell Leonardo Corporation’

I had not seen the rumor that Andrea Rossi was selling Leonardo Corporation, but apparently there has been something circulating to that effect, and a reader on the JONP asked him about it. He replied:

Andrea Rossi
October 19th, 2015 at 7:53 AM
Mariana Tsutserova:
It is totally false. I will never sell Leonardo Corporation, because I think it has a great future. Obviously we are not sure that the tests on course will have a positive output, but I trust in it. I strongly hope we are making a great company, with a great intellectual property, a great and advanced manufacturing concern, jobs and a great future and I will never leave this ship. If she will sink, I will sink with her.
Warm Regards,

We hear a lot about F9 from Rossi these days — referring to fact that the tests and R&D in process could still have negative results — but Rossi does seem to have plenty of confidence in the future of his work. He says here that he ‘trusts’ that the tests in progress will have a positive outcome, which should mean something, and it does not sound from this post like he has any plans for retiring, or relinquishing the helm of his ship.

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