Tri Alpha Energy Investing in Andrea Rossi’s LENR Technology? [Rossi: No]

I received this post from Joel Robinson, and I thank him for pointing out the source of the rumor that Andrea Rossi had sold his technology to Tri Alpha Energy. I emailed Rossi about this and he said it was not true. It was in response to this rumor that he posted the following on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“It is totally false. I will never sell Leonardo Corporation, because I think it has a great future. Obviously we are not sure that the tests on course will have a positive output, but I trust in it. I strongly hope we are making a great company, with a great intellectual property, a great and advanced manufacturing concern, jobs and a great future and I will never leave this ship. If she will sink, I will sink with her”.

I recently discovered a tidbit of information in a blog post written by Graham Templeton on October 14, 2015 at 2:11 pm on Extreme Tech’s website titled “Tech entrepreneurs are investing in fusion — do they know something we don’t?” In the article he wrote this: “Tri Alpha Energy, which recently acquired a purported “cold fusion” tech from controversial Italian inventor Andrea Rossi. Is that the ticket? Maybe.”

I’ve done a search and have found nothing to back up this comment and it is the first mention of any other U.S. company besides Industrial Heat investing ing Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Technology. This is a question I’d like to pose to Mr. Rossi himself to answer.

Here is the link to the article: