Rydberg Matter Fuel Preparation (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

Why does the LeClair reactor produce radiation and neutrons and the device invented by James Griggs does not?

It’s a matter of temperature. The James Griggs device runs at an operating temperature of 400F, whereas, the LeClair reactor is not pressurized and does not.

Since the Hydrogen Rydberg matter is a bigger molecule than the water molecule, it might be possible to capture the rydberg matter from the Griggs device using a properly sized filtration device placed in the flow of the circulating water and remove this filter as a feedstock for a laser based or electric arc based LENR reactor. The high power potential of an electric motor will dump a significant amount of power into the water thus amplifying the rate of production of rydberg matter. Any level of power could be applied to the water to speed Rydberg matter production.

The level of Rydberg matter production could be determined by exposure of a photographic emulsion to the water filters.

Joe Papp used this method of fuel preprocessing to form a Rydberg matter fortified water solution that he used as an explosive and fuel for his engine.

Just like Papp did, other elements like chlorine might be added to the water to enhance the explosive effect. Papp used a electric arc to activate and liberate power production from his fuel.

If a nickel or silica aeroform is used as a filter, a Rossi like tube reactor could be fueled with the powder make from the powdered aerofoam.


Axil Axil