Overunity Product on Market At Last? Steorn’s Orbo O-Cube Webinar (Video and Transcript now Available)

It’s been over five years since Steorn has made any direct effort to engage with the public, and most people who heard about them in the days when their strategy was to ‘upset science’ with their claims of free energy have probably assumed that they have faded into ignonimity as their technology has never yet seen the light of day.

But Steorn is coming back into the public eye. In less than 24 hours now, they will host the first in a series of webinars scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 28th at 7:00 p.m. GMT to introduce their latest device: the Orbo O-Cube, which they say is a device that charge mobile devices via a USB connection, without ever having to be recharged itself.

How can they do this? They say with their Orbo technology, which they claim operates when certain magnetic interactions produce a gain of energy. The O-Cube is apparently a solid state device with no moving parts that needs no input power to produce energy, and that can somehow recharge itself — certainly a provocative claim.

Could this be LENR? Steorn has never use that term, and actually they have never really claimed to know where the excess energy comes from — but some theorists propose that LENR is essentially an electromagnetic phenomenon, so perhaps if Orbo works as claimed, it is a form of LENR.

Anyway, setting aside theory and definitions, the interesting thing here is Steorn is now saying they will be offering an overunity product to the public — apparently this year, and these webinars are designed to bring attention to this product. A working product on the market, rather than theories, tests and replications, is really the only thing that most people care about. If Steorn has what they say, and people can buy the product, then this would certainly be a milestone.

Steorn’s only web presence these days is via this Orbo Facebook page. Today this comment was posted:

“we will be releasing details regarding pricing etc during tomorrows webinar. If you cant get a chance to see it we will be posting the video on our Facebook page the day after.”

So I’m very interested to learn more about the O-Cube. I’m registered for the webinar and I plan on sharing key points live on this post once it gets started. If possible, I’ll also order an O-Cube so I can give it a thorough testing, and report what I find.

UPDATE: Oct 28th, 2015

Live comments from the webinar will start here:


Starting out with some Steorn history review. Shaun McCarthy, Mike Daly and others. Now the guy from Slattery’s pub is talking.

Now he’s talking with Pat Corbett, a major Steorn investor. Shaun says it looks like “12 years of failure”

Pat says he has had one of the powercubes in his car, taking it around to demos, for a month and it’s never stopped working. Pat says he won’t give up, he says we haven’t had the fight yet.

Shaun says he only needs to win once.

Now showing the O-CUbe 2.1 amps

The O-Cube consists of:

USB PCB board
Li Ion Batter
Orbo Power Pack

Draining the Li Ion battery
Orbo Device is constantly charging the battery.

2 smartphone charges in a 24 hour period

On sale in December for 1200 Euros 12 Month warranty

Rabbit Hole promotions will get an O-Cube

Brickbear clothing company will get one

Commercialization going on behind the scenes.

Liquid Solutions is making liquids for E-Cigarettes. 500,000 bottles per week. Will be using Orbo in their vape machines.

The webinar is over now — it lasted 20 minutes. I missed quite a bit trying to keep up, but will try to review.

There is some Q&A going on, but I can’t tune in for some reason. Here are some scraps from the Q&A:

0.4W continuous power,
alloy case,
non-radio active,
works in a faraday cage.

UPDATE: Here is a video of today’s webinar (it does not include the Q&A session following)

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/217496297671/videos/10153326632242672/” width=”640″ height=”480″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Also, a transcript of the video has been made by Esa Ruoho and has been posted at on the vortex-l list here.