Sunday Times: “China Chases Secret of Cold Fusion” (From 2011)

This is an article that I don’t remember, so thanks to Jonas Matuzas on the Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi Facebook Page for posting a link to an article in the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper written by Michael Sheridan titled “China chases secret of cold fusion”. The article was written May 29, 2011. The link to the article is here, but unfortunately, to read the full text you need to be a subscriber to the Sunday Times.

I have been able to get access to the article, but for copyright reasons I can’t post it here. Here are some of the main points along with some key quotes.

From the article:

“In February, a minor flurry greeted the claim by two Italian scientists, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, to have conducted successful cold fusion experiments at the University of Bologna.

That may have spurred on official approval for the Chinese theories to be aired at the UN 4th World Economic and Environmental Conference in Qingdao from June 18 to 21. Xu has been invited to make a keynote speech with the working title: “Discovery of cold fusion and cold fission, which will cause a revolution in environmental protection and new energy”.

The article says that the Chinese government had rehabilitated the status of researchers who had previously fallen out of favor for pursuing cold fusion researches. Two are mentioned specifically: Xu Yu and Song Jian. Chinese state news agency Xinhua interviewed Xu, who predicted that within a decade that conventional nuclear fission reactors would be obsolete, and said that some of China’s richest and most powerful companies had committed funds for LENR research.

So even though it’s an old article it has some interesting items in there showing indications that China is paying attention to LENR at high levels. I wonder if Song Jian mentioned in the text, is Songsheng Jiang, who has reported success with an E-Cat replication earlier this year.