E-Cat World O-Cube Testing Proposal (Update: Goal Reached!)

Here are some thoughts of mine regarding the O-Cube that Steorn announced today. The biggest news to me was that Steorn was asking 1200 Euros for the device, and it will be offered for sale in December. I have said here before that I would like to get my hands on an O-Cube, test it out, and report findings here on E-Cat World. But the asking price is really not in my budget.

However, now sticker shock has worn off a bit, I come back to the fact that $1300 is not an unobtainable amount of money to try to figure out if we have an overunity device here — especially when compared to the $1.5 million tag that was put on the first E-Cat plant.

Since the search for overunity has been the main focus of this website, I will float this idea: personally I won’t be able to spare $1300 out of my own pocket, but I would be able to contribute $200 towards an O-Cube. If others here would be willing to chip in the rest, I would be willing to test it out for the interest and information of the readers of this site and make all testing results public. If it stops working during the 1 year warranty period I would send it back for a refund, and return all donations.

I would not be willing to tear it apart to figure out how it works. Just use it for its intended purpose.

At the end of a 1-year testing period, if the O-Cube has held up to its promises, I would like to find a suitable place to donate the O-Cube. I am thinking of maybe a school somewhere in the world where electricity is not readily available — perhaps along with some tablets. I think this kind of technology, if proven to be valid, could provide real benefits in places where there is a real need.

If you support the idea, let me know here, or privately via email ([email protected]). Don’t send any money now. I would only want to order when we know for sure that the O-Cube is available for sale.

UPDATE: So far, including my contribution, we have $400  $500  $1300 in pledges for this project. Our goal has been reached — many thanks to those who have pledged funds! I will keep everyone updated about this project. First task is to get an O-Cube — Steorn said they would be available in December.