“E-Cat X: Go, Go, GO !!!”

Yesterday I asked Andrea Rossi for an update on the current testing going on in his shipping container, and got the following response:

Frank Acland:
1 MW E-Cat: stable, long periods of ssm.
E-Cat X: go,go, GO !!! ( Promising. Could make a revolution, even if totally covered by the US Patent we got, which makes all simpler; I designed it to fit perfectly in the US Patent).
Warm Regards,

While the 1 MW plant sounds like it is behaving, Andrea Rossi seems especially excited here about the E-Cat X, not only because of what he has been able to do with the E-Cat X, but how he has been able to fit it into the constraints of the recently approved US patent — which will make things a lot easier when it comes to commercialization. Normally these days Rossi is quite sober in his assessments of his technology, invoking ‘could be positive or negative’ statements, but here he doesn’t even mention F9.

Still, one answer from Rossi to a question I asked recently has me wondering how soon we might be able to see the ‘revolutionary’ potential of the E-Cat X in our homes. I asked him how big of a challenge he thought it would be to get safety certification for domestic E-Cats, and he responded that it would be “very much” of a challenge, because of “the liabilities that the certifier has to take on his shoulders without a history of the product.”

In other words, a someone certifying a product for safety wants to see the track record of a product before making a determination if it is safe. The operation of the current industrial plant may help in that regard, but that is in an industrial setting where the liabilities are reduced. The E-Cat X will probably be used in industrial plants before they are released as domestic ones.