What if the 1 year E-Cat Test Succeeds . . . and No One Believes it? (CatInHat)

The following post was submitted by CatInHat

The Ecat is chugging away towards a hopefully successful 1 year test of the technology in a real-world installation.

But it occurs to me — what if the test succeeds but no one believes it? After all, one of the dominant reasons that the Lugano test was discredited in the eyes of many was due to the fact that Rossi may have been present during the extraction of the post-test samples, or may have actually helped extract the samples.

Compare that to the current situation. Rossi is spending 16 hours a day with the device, undoubtedly alone for a portion of that time. The skeptopaths will assert that he mucked with the measurements during his time with the device, or repeatedly carted in gallons of oil in a hidden Camelbak.

Or, they might point out that the device works, but you need a genius inventor to keep it running, which makes it too expensive to be a practical energy production device.

Let’s discuss possible responsed to such skeptical assertions, and what Rossi might do to increase the believability of the report if the test is successful.