Beyond the E-Cat Test: The Next Phase

With all the warnings about the possibilities of a negative out come, as well as a positive one, we might wonder whether we should even think about what might happen if the test results turn out to be positive. I estimate that there are now less than four months to go in the year-long 1MW E-Cat plant test (see here for a log of Andrea Rossi’s updates), so we might consider that we are approaching the home stretch.

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Rossi made a comment in which I think we might be able to detect a bit more hope for a positive outcome. He wrote:

Carlo Marcena:
Thank you for your enthusiasm, but let me pour some water on the “New Fire”, to keep it under control: the status of the test that is underway and the data we are receiving is helping us with our plans , expanding our knowledge and proving valuable. This is all I can share at this time.
A strong future is my priority, but I cannot predict the future and the final results could be either positive or negative. Assuming the final results will be positive, which is not certain, the next phase will require more hard work and more help to prepare the massive manufacturing: this effort will need more intellectual efforts. I hope our Friends will wish us luck and good fortune, as many challanges remain.
Warm Regards,

I sense that Rossi is daring to look beyond the current test now — and he has to if he wants to make good progress in preparing for the future. He says a positive out come is ‘not certain’, but it might now be likely. What will come in the next phase? Rossi has said that he wants to set up a massive manufacturing organization to start producing the E-Cats plants. That could turn out to be more difficult than the work they are currently doing, since you need money, personnel, organization, and cooperation from outside entities to make it happen.

While it all seems like a daunting task, Rossi is a man in a hurry and totally focused on his work, so I would not bet against him having success in getting organized quickly. He has colleagues and allies with influence, connections and money — and experience in real estate dealing, if they need to set up factories.