Rossi’s R&D Chief Fulvio Fabiani “100% Convinced” E-Cat Works as Promised

We mentioned here a few weeks ago that Fulvio Fabiani, the engineer who has worked closely with Andrea Rossi for a number of years now, has joined the Facebook group Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi. He does not reveal very much there, and explains that he cannot post anything that has not been made officially public by Leonardo Corp. because of the NDA he is under.

However he has given his overall assessment of the E-Cat technology in a recent exchange on the page. Hitesh Ceon asked him recently:

“Since you have been so closely involved with the e-Cat… how certain are you that it works as promised? Are you absolutely convinced yourself?”

Fulvio Fabiani responded:

“Yes. 100% — Really I’m very convinced in this technology.”

When questioned further about when he thinks the E-Cat will hit the market, he said that he could not answer that question because he was not involved in production or marketing decisions, and said his position was “Chief of R&D under Rossi orders.”

It’s always interesting to hear from people on the inside, other than Andrea Rossi, about the E-Cat. There are no new details here, but certainly a wholehearted endorsement of the technology from Rossi’s right-hand man.

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