E-Cat X Still ‘Very Promising’, New Materials Still Resisting

Andrea Rossi has not given us many details about the E-Cat X at the moment but a couple of clues have been been given recently which might make the picture a little clearer.

First, in an update about the status of the testing that is currently underway last week, Rossi wrote regarding the E-Cat X:

Promising. Could make a revolution, even if totally covered by the US Patent we got, which makes all simpler; I designed it to fit perfectly in the US Patent).

Second, in an update today he wrote:

Andrea Rossi
November 5th, 2015 at 9:52 AM
Frank Acland:
09.55 a.m. of November 05
The 1 MW E-Cat has a problem that we are repairing. The E-Cat X is operating well, still very promising. The new materials resist.
Warm Regards,

I believe that the new materials referred to here are those he has said are being made in a new lab that Leonardo Corp. has set up in Miami, and the fact that he says they ‘resist’, implied that they are being used in resistors that are needed for he E-Cat X.

Rossi says that the E-Cat X fits perfectly within the scope of the patent he was recently awarded, and in one of the claims in the patent it states that the “fuel wafer comprises a multi-layer structure having a layer of said fuel mixture in thermal communication with a layer containing said electrical resistor.” He has also said that the E-Cat X operates at higher temperatures than the old Hot Cat and is likely the reason why they need new materials for the resistors.

I believe that the current E-Cat X test has been going for at least three weeks now, and if the resistors still resist (previous E-Cat X prototypes have burnt out), it’s a good sign.

Still, we don’t know too much about the E-Cat X, except it is supposed to be revolutionary, and could be useful for large plants and domestic ones, and that it can do something more than just producing heat.