Industrial Heat Slideshow Posted

Thanks to Paul Smith for sharing a link to a slide show that was posted on the Italian Cobraf forum which appears to be a presentation by Industrial Heat given in China, but I can find no way to verify with certainty its authenticity. UPDATE: AlainCo notes that the original slideshow is available here, on the official website of the Baishishan national Sino-US Science and Technology International Innovation Park here: This would indicate that this is a genuine IH document, since Tom Darden had been involved in the establishment of the park.

Along with the slideshow there is an image on Cobraf which shows Tom Darden shaking hands with an unidentified official. Many thanks to “me” who posted below these links showing that this image was taken from the signing ceremony of the Baishishan International Innovation Park of China-US Science and Technology that took place in Beijing on October 18, 2015.



From the Cobraf forum I am not able to determine the source of the slideshow, so it’s posted here for readers’ information. I can find no date on it either.

Here’s a link to the slideshow:

A few interesting points from the slideshow:

— LENR is defined as “Low Energy Nickel Reaction”

— “A number of LENR technologies are demonstrating significant progress; one in particular may be ready for commercialization”

— “1 MW Solar PV = 5 acres; 1 MW Wind = 2 acres; 1 MW LENR = < 0.1 acre”