Disrupt Your Own Company – Before LENR Disrupts It For You (Michel Vandenberghe)

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Disrupt your own company – Before LENR disrupts it for you
Nov 12, 2015

Low-Energy Nanoscale/Nuclear Reactions (LENR) technology1 will soon appear on the market; it is only a matter of time. LENR is a disruptive technology whose main application is as a dense, clean and high-quality source of energy. This makes LENR a serious candidate to replace all fossil fuels. LENR technology has worldwide applicability and can potentially be used by nearly everyone.

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  • About disruptive innovation.
  • Let’s consider some scenarios
  • A global Challenge
  • About a massive adoption model
  • What is the LENR-Cities proposal?

About disruptive innovation

By definition, a disruptive innovation has no market and the LENR technology needs a market to move from the research up to a market ready product, in order to become an innovation – it is how innovation works.

If LENR technology can disrupt the fossil energy business (in particular), it would trigger the collapse of the financial market and so on, then it is a disruptive technology. It would require a massive communication to explain to people not to anticipate LENR ready product availability. Innovating in Energy will trigger innovation in all sectors.

Economy is as any system, a system which reinforces its own rules and it applies to innovation. At LENR-Cities even at Oxford, The airbus chief scientist had made an interesting mathematical presentation about this. LENR breaks the rules.

We face a major dilemma. We need to make a market to get LENR but making a market might disrupt the market itself.

Let’s consider some potential scenarios.

One option is to be able to flood the market with one single product as demand is very high in order to get a wide share and increase the access cost of this market. In practice, this strategy will unlock a massive investment by all actors in developing other implementations but will not address the risk of major destructive creation with a global market collapse.

Next option is to sell a product to address a specific need. For instance, boilers. How much time it will take to get some companies to disassemble this boiler to see how to apply this technology to other usage.

A national agency for a large country set up a global facility to develop and industrialize the technology with the objective to control its development. Right. It will just enable other options. And what about other countries?

One country in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is making the technology to address its own need. Let’s say for instance China for obvious reasons. India has already a national program; same in Japan.

Organize the LENR 21, thinking about COP 21. Hum..; would be good. But facts show that some organizations are very performant but collectively we are really unable to address any global challenges. But we might be optimistic.
A large enterprise is entering into the game. As some of them are in a position the buy the market (not to make it), some might try. It will trigger a massive investment by all Corporates. Any startup or organization makes some technology available, open or not. Making the technology is not enough.

BTW, it does not make sense to have the willingness to control a technology if this technology by design is an infrastructure technology. As there’s not only one LENR technology, one will create a huge fragmentation which is the worst scenario to make it happen

It has been seen with Electricity. It has been seen with dozen of thousands of new businesses, all of them with the objective to get a share of the cake, But in old times, the world was a lot less integrated with more time to do things…

With LENR, Actors will differentiate by developing applications but not the technology.


A global challenge

We know that all corporates are waiting for a market evidence to invest massively. Let’s say the collapse can be avoided. But there’s still an issue. LENR enables a fully decentralized energy production making any machine, equipment energetically self-sufficient. Obviously, it will take time to be fully implemented.

What is the cost of energy in any enterprise business? What is the cost of energy for your car or your house? And so on. What is the weight of energy as part of WW GDP?

But why to invest massively in new big generator. In the first stage, market will move from a capital intensive model to a consumer oriented market with small and compact generators. It will leverage a bottom-up model of Grid.
It would require states to adapt quickly as taxes on energy represent a major share of state revenues and so on…

If one had not global challenges in energy and climate, nothing will happen. But we have global challenges and we know corporates and states are fully unable to address them. At the same time, Digital economy is disrupting any business. . .

Global challenges and disruptive innovation have both massive impact of the society. In both case, nobody is leading and nobody can the leader (Even if some people forget that any viable evolution process has no center) Disruptive innovation leverages the force of economic logic to change the economy itself and LENR is a unique opportunity to address global challenges.

So what?

About a massive adoption model

Except if all actors agree to move forward at the same time. “When everything is changing at the same time, nothing change”. It is only a relative true but enough. What else?

Making the technology widely available is mandatory but not enough. We also need to implement Open Business to develop LENR.

To make LENR to be adopted by the market using a pattern close to the Internet pattern. Our point is that LENR technology itself does not impose such adoption pattern and in order to do that one needs to build a business model with two characteristics: Force a viral Open adoption model and provide a competitive advantage to be adopted by all the players as the market is developing itself.

It means: To create an initial market in a way that the global offering of this market is to enable any actor to implement technology and applications LENR quickly. This initial market will move LENR from research to market ready technology with a market being designed in order to enable any actor to be LENR ready. Key is the business model of this offering. Any actor willing must join the initial market and endorse its objective. It is the only way to scale fast and to reduce the overall impact.

What is the LENR-Cities proposal?

Let use a picture. Flooding (LENR) is coming. Participate in the construction of a factory (market) which produces ships (enabler) in order to get a ship (be LENR ready).

Why LENR-Cities instead of any large existing company?

LENR-Cities is a pure player, and has no existing market then is neutral. To create an initial market (an ecosystem), is its business!

But if your ecosystem scales fast, you need to scale fast. How do you plan to manage?

We are working on a digital platform to implement the global process

What is missing to LENR-Cities for the second stage of its project?

We have a team, an offering, a strategy and a market, a prototype (an initial ecosystem, some initial players. LENR-Cities prototype is an ecosystem prototype (it is our “product”), our prototype (LENRG): which has the basic capabilities to implement the business model and make the initial market.

As regards the LENR-Cities scientific team: Allan Widom, Yogi Srivastava, Luca Gamberale and John Swain have joined LENR-Cities.

Any scientist working on LENR can send a request to know what the process to join is: [email protected]

    We are missing:

  • Funding: to create the tool to enable the development of the initial market.
  • Coverage in all countries.
  • More Talents

  • We have a proposal of investment project for people willing to participate in LENR-Cities project.
  • Teams and organizations with compatible objectives can join LENRG.
  • You are an innovator. Join us!

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