Open Power Association Starts “Parkhomov-Like” Experiment Today

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about an experiment by the Italian Open Power Association which has started today. They are calling the experiment “Parkhomov-Like”, so this will obviously be an attempt to replicate Alexander Parkhomov’s replication of the Rossi Effect.

Pictures and live video streams are available at the OPA’s website at these links:

Video A:
Video B:

Ugo Abundo of the OPA has posted his announcement about this experiment in this thread at the LENR Forum: He says that he will be posting updates about the experiment in this thread. He states:

“After months of tuning, now the actual set-up assures behavior under severe experimental conditions, ranging from high temperature, high pression, highly corrosive operation also under High Voltage pulsed discharges and very strong magnetic field.

“Safety measures include shielding against eventual alfa, beta, x, gamma and neutron emissions, as well as internal coatings of reactor surfaces by Boron Nitride layers, to protect it against corrosion. However, emissions will be continuously detected by Geiger counters , gamma spectrometer and neutron detector. All the reaction devices are contained in a pressurized, anti-shock safety box, controlled in temperature and pression, with filtered atmosphere.”

Here’s a picture of the reactor: